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Forward and Back Buttons

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The Forward and Back Buttons allow you to quickly switch to file locations both in CloudSpace and on your local computer. Cloud Manager automatically stores the last nine file locations you accessed. To return to last file location, simply click the Back Button.


To select one of the previous file locations, click the down arrow beneath the Back Button and select the desired location from the menu.


Back Button History


To move to the file location you accessed after the location you are currently browsing, click the Forward Button. Cloud Manager only stores a single Forward file location.


Finally, it is important to understand the naming conventions in the Back File Location menu to fully understand which file locations are listed. Some helpful explanations are as follows:


1.Any folder in your personal CloudSpace Documents folder will be listed as documents\<folder name>.
2.Any folder in the Company Shared Documents folder will be listed as \\dmcloud\customerfiles\publicfolders\<your company name> share.
3.Your local hard drive(s) and network drives will be displayed as \\client\<local or network drive letter>$.


Remembering this nomenclature will allow you to easily select the desired location.