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Icon Sizes

Often times it is useful to be able to change the way that files are displayed in the Cloud Manager.  To change the way that the files are displayed, click on the View arrow.



Then select the desired View.



Large Icons – Displays the file icons as large images which is often helpful when working with a mobile device to select the file easily.


Small Icons – Displays the file icons as greatly reduced images which allows more icons to fit in the Contents Pane so a particular file can be located with greater ease.


Details – Allows you to view the Name, Size, Type and Date Modified of the file.  This is useful when searching for a file that was recently worked on or if you need to group files of the same type together.


Tiles – Allows you to see a small preview of the files.  This is particularly useful when looking through pictures.


You can also click the View Button itself to cycle through each of the four available Views. The View Button icon will change accordingly.


Resize Columns

You may also wish to increase or decrease the size of a column when using the Details View.  To do this, move your cursor to the "split" between columns until it turns into a Double Arrow.

Then, click and hold the mouse while moving to the left or right to decrease or increase the column as desired.


Sorting Columns

When reviewing or searching for files, it may be convenient to sort files by certain criteria.  This can be done by switching your View to Details.  Once in Detail View, you will see columns for Name, Size, Type and Date Modified.


To sort a column, click on the heading of the column you wish to sort. The files are then sorted by the title of the heading. For example clicking the "Size" column will sort every file by its size.


If the arrow in the column heading is pointing upward, the column is in ascending order. If the arrow is pointing downward, the column is in descending order.