Editing a Proposal

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Proposals are dynamic documents and often need to be changed and updated frequently.  Items often need to be removed or added to the Proposal or changes in the cost of the Item need to be reflected.


You can revise an existing Proposal by selecting the desired Proposal on the Proposals and Documents Window and clicking the Edit button.  This will display the Edit Proposal Window which is very similar to the New Proposal Window, except that it displays the Items on the Proposal as already "tagged".  This is so Items can be removed or new Items can be added to the Proposal while maintaining the same Proposal Number.  Any changes you have made through the Specifications Window to Items currently on the Proposal will be reflected on the Edit Proposal Window.  To save the changes to the Proposal, simply click the OK button to print and accept the edited Proposal.


If a Client Deposit has already been recorded on the Proposal, Design Manager will automatically redistribute the Deposit as necessary.  For instance, if an Item has been removed from the Proposal, the portion of the Deposit originally allocated to the Item will be proportionately distributed to the remaining Items.  Conversely, if a new Item is included on the Proposal, a portion of the Deposit attributed to the original Items will be allocated to the new Item based upon the Item's requested Deposit Amount.