Printing and Posting Client Invoices

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After creating a Client Invoice through the New Invoice Window, the Invoice will appear on the New Client Invoices Grid of the Client Invoices / Finance Charges Window - New Tab.  If you would like to print a pre-posting listing of the Client Invoices, click the Journal button to print the Client Invoice Posting List Report.  The Client Invoice Posting List Report can be printed to list each of the Invoices on the New Client Invoices Grid or to also list each Item within the Invoice by selecting List Invoices and List Items,respectively.


To print the Client Invoices and record them into Design Manager, click the Print/Post button to display the Print Client Invoices Window shown below.


print client invoices window


The Style will default to the Invoice Style as set on the Company Advanced Options Window - Print Tab but can be set to either the Residential, Residential w/ Deposit, Commercial, Commercial w/ Deposit, Modern, Modern w/ Deposit, format as desired. See Examples of Invoice Styles here.


***NOTE: The Modern document style may not be able to be folded to fit properly inside the window envelopes recommended.  This style was created for use with Modern technology, such as Emailing the document instead of sending via Postal Mail.***



Select the Pictures option to display the optional image from the Item Window - Picture Tab for each Item included on the Invoices.  Note that displaying the Item pictures generally increases the length of each Invoice.


If the Invoices are being sent directly to the printer, make sure that you have the Printer selection on the Printer Button Bar set to the desired printer.  For more information on printing options, see Printer Button Bar.


Click the OK button to print the Invoices.  Unlike printing Proposals which are printed individually, all the Client Invoices on the New Client Invoices Grid are printed in a single batch.  Whether printing the Client Invoices to the monitor or directly to the printer, you will need to either Accept or Reject the Invoices after printing and reviewing. Clicking Accept will post the Client Invoices into the Fiscal Month selected on New Tab of the Client Invoices / Finance Charges Window, remove the Invoices from the New Client Invoices Grid, and now display them on the top of the Existing Client Invoices Grid of the Client Invoices / Finance Charges Window - Existing Tab.


Accounting: Posting the Invoices will credit the Revenue Accounts as configured in the Sales Categories of the Items on the Invoices. The Client Deposit  and Accounts Receivable Accounts will be debited and the appropriate Sales Tax Account will be credited, if necessary.  In addition, the posting of Client Invoices may trigger a transfer from the Work in Process Account to various Cost of Goods Sold Accounts.  If any Items on the Client Invoice have Vendor Invoices recorded against them then those amounts will be credited to Work in Process and debited to Cost of Goods Sold.


Invoice Style Examples:

See Examples of Invoice Styles here.


Learn more about the Deposit style documents here: