Vendor  / Payee Window - Insurance Tab

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The fifth tab on the Vendor / Payee Window is the Insurance Tab.  On this tab, Vendor Insurance Policies can be added, edited, and deleted for the Vendor.  Vendor Insurance Policies are used predominantly for contractors and allow the user to monitor if the Vendor is insured for particular work.  If a Vendor has an expired Insurance Policy, the user will be warned when adding Purchase Orders for the particular Vendor.


vendor glossary - insur tab

The Vendor Insurance Policies Grid displays the Policy Type, Insurance Carrier, License/Policy Number, Effective Date, and Expiration Date for the Insurance Entry.  An Insurance Policy can also be set as Active or Inactive by selecting or deselecting the Active column, respectively.  As these columns are derived from the Vendor Insurance Window they will be described in greater detail in the discussion of that window.


To create or revise an Insurance Policy, click the Add or Edit buttons, respectively, to display the Vendor Insurance Window.  To remove an Insurance Policy, click the Delete button.