How to enter and order components to create one single Inventory Stock Item

Modified on: 2017-06-08 11:38:22 -0400

Design Manager?s Inventory Stock Items do not have the ability to append components to them, but there are 2 different options for you to ?work-around? this.

Option 1:

1. Create a new Project for ?Company Inventory?.

2. Add a new Item and enter the Item information and the components that make up the Item. Do this as you would for a custom Project Item.

3. Generate your PO?s and Vendor invoices against this Project ? Item (not through Inventory).

4. After entering Vendor Invoices for ALL of the components of the Item (the vendor has invoiced you in full, including any possible freight), Transfer the Item (as a whole) to a new Stock Item.

  • Go to Specifications and highlight the Item to Transfer.
  • Choose the Transfer button.
  • Be sure that the Transfer Quantity and Costs are all correct as well as the Transfer Item Quantity. The Transfer Item Quantity is the number of the new Stock item quantity to be On-Hand.
  • Choose To Stock and As a New Stock Item and enter a new Stock No.    

  • Choose OK, then Yes to continue on the confirmation window
  •  Go to the Inventory Stock Item Glossary to see the new Stock Item.

5. Optional: Mark the Project Item Complete by choosing the Complete check box located to the right of the Specifications grid. (Do this if you wish to keep the Inventory Project clean and do not plan on ordering this Item again in the near future)

Option 2:

1. Create separate Inventory Items for each of the ?materials?.


  • Create a new Stock Item for the Style/shell of the Sofa.

  • Create a new Stock Item for the Fabric.

  • Create a new Stock Item for the Wood Finish.

Each of the Stock Items (materials) would flow through the Inventory System as normal (create the Inventory PO, pay vendor for it, etc).

2. Create another new Stock Item for the Finished Product (sofa completely assembled).
3. When the item is completed/assembled, you would then do inventory adjustments to ?cancel out? the On Hand, Paid For, and Cost of the original Stock (materials) Items (shell of sofa, fabric, finish).

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