Set up Desktop Icon for Design Manager or Pro Cloud

Modified on: 2018-12-27 11:50:46 -0500

Creating an Icon on your Desktop that automatically logs you in to Design Manager Cloud and other Cloud Apps (you have selected Add Account after installing Citrix)

This setup is optional, as you can always access the software by going to our site from your internet browser.  Setting up an icon on your desktop is a quick and easy way to open the software without having to enter your User Name and Password every time.  Just make sure that you only setup icons on computers on which you and/or your trusted employees have access.  We recommend that you do NOT setup icons on any public computers, as anyone will be able to easily access your information.  


Please Note: If Receiver for Windows 3.2 is installed, icons will automatically appear in Start -> All Programs (or start button -> Programs).  You can then right click on those icons and select send to Desktop Create Shortcut so that a Desktop Icon is created.

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