Who Has Access to the Different Folders in Cloud Manager

Modified on: 2017-04-11 14:00:40 -0400

Each Cloud Manager has the appropriate folders with permissions as follows:

Looking at the picture below, the first arrow is pointing to Documents, absolutely no one sees files in that folder except the person logging in with that specific username and password. So this is called, My Documents, because only one person sees it.

The second arrow is pointing to the Shared Company Documents area- everyone in the company sees files in that folder.

The third arrow is pointing to the Administration folder, you can give anyone access to that folder that you wish.  During the setup process that is one of the questions for the Admin User- which users are allowed to see the files in the Administration folder.  Your Design Manager Onboarding Consultant will set these for you so only the users that you give permission will see the files in that Administration folder.  For example, in most cases, it is only the controller in a company and the owner who have access to that folder so any files in that folder only the two of them can see.

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