PDF file is corrupted after exporting to PDF or emailing

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This article applies to Design Manager Users running Design Manager Pro 7 (Desktop) and Design Manager 2011 (Desktop). This affects all desktop users running on any Windows platform EXCEPT for Windows 10. This does not affect Cloud Users.


After emailing or exporting an invoice, proposal, purchase order, or report to PDF, the following error occurs when the exported PDF file is opened:


Microsoft has released an update that included improperly formatted fonts that the document you are attempting to export or email uses. The document requires a newer version of the font that has been fixed by Microsoft in order to export or email properly.


  1. Exit/Close the Design Manager program.
  2. Download and Save the font patch - file is attached below.
  3. Extract the contents of the zip file to a folder where you can easily select all the files.
  4. Go to your Windows Start Screen.  (If you are on your Desktop, Click the Windows Start Button in the bottom left corner of your screen.)
  5. Type the word fonts. “Fonts” should be one of the first results that appear on your right.
  6. Click on “Fonts” and a window will appear that shows all of the registered fonts on your computer.
  7. In a separate window, go to the folder that contains the extracted files from step 2 and select all of the files.
  8. Drag all the files from the folder and drop them into the window with the list of fonts.
  9. It will ask “The [FONT NAME] font is already installed. Do you want to replace it?” a few times. Click “Yes”
  10. Restart Design Manager. You will now be able to export or email documents and the files will no longer be corrupt when opened.

A second option to solve the issue is to roll back/uninstall the Windows update that was installed that causes the problem. If you have done the above, you do NOT need to continue to do the steps below… (Below is ONLY a second way to resolve the same issue.)

To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. Verify the patch has been installed on your Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 computer by going to Control Panel -> System and Security -> Windows Update -> View Update History.
  2. If the highlighted patch, Update for Windows that refers to (KB3102429), as shown below is in your history, then it has been installed.
  3. To remove the patch, in the computer’s Control Panel, go to Programs and Features -> View Installed Updates.
  4. Scroll down and locate the patch, Update for Windows that refers to (KB3102429), highlight it and select Uninstall.
  5. Follow any on screen prompts as necessary.  You will most likely need to reboot the computer once the patch is uninstalled to continue.
  6. Lastly, once the computer has been rebooted, you will need to tell Windows that you do NOT wish to install this update again at a later time. 
  7. Go back into your Control Panel -> Window Updates ->Select Updates to Install
  8. Highlight and right click on the Update for Windows that refers to (KB3102429) and select Hide Update.
  9. Close the Control Panel and Restart Design Manager. You will now be able to export or email documents and the files will no longer be corrupt when opened.

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