Configuring your Gmail account to email through Design Manager Cloud and Pro Cloud

Modified on: 2017-11-29 15:33:32 -0500

If you are using a Gmail email address and are having problems with receiving emails, emails are going to junk/spam or receive an error when sending the email from Design Manager, there is a setting within your Gmail settings to allow Design Manager to send email from the program.

First, be sure you have the SMTP settings configured within your Design Manager. Simply go to File -> User settings.

Next, be sure to put in your correct Gmail address and be sure that your E-mail settings are DM Server/SMTP, and click SMTP Settings.

You?ll see another window open, you?ll need to configure this appropriately;

Outgoing Mail SMTP server:

Port: 465

Check "This server requires an encrypted Connection (TLS/SSL)"

Be sure you put your username/email address WITH the

Click OK to save.

If you attempt to send, it may fail, if it does, you?ll receive a message from Google stating it has blocked a sign in attempt;

Open this email, at the bottom is a link to turn on access to allow Design Manager to send emails from your Gmail account.

Once you open that link, you should see the option to Turn on access.

If you did not receive this email, you can simply click here to do so;

Depending on your Gmail security settings, you may receive a notice that:

You will then have to review the devices on your account and acknowledge and allow a new device is connecting to your Gmail.

Once this is finished, you should be able to email from Design Manager without any problem.

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