Pro Cloud v518 - Release Notes 5.18.16

Modified on: 2018-05-07 14:37:22 -0400

Material Reference Report 

We have added some new features and ranges to this report.

Now you can use this report to show all items (not just those marked for Material). New report ranges were added to narrow your report for: Location, Template Number, Plan Number, Manufacturer, and Source.

Inventory Tear Sheets

Print out individual Inventory Stock Items to hand to clients to take with them. The document will show the Stock Number, Sell Price, Description, Quantity Available and more for a Stock Item, along with a large picture. A scan-able barcode is included for the client to give to the cashier for a quick check out. Click here to learn how to print one.

Capture Pictures right from your mobile device

If you are accessing Design Manager through a mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Samsung phone, Android Tablet, etc.) you can select the capture button to access the device's camera.  This will allow you to take a picture, on the spot, of the Item and attach that photo to it.  For more information or help, click here.

Search windows

Results are now filtered when searching a glossary to show only those entries that match your query. For example, when searching on the Project Glossary for a Project Code, if you type the letter B on your keyboard, only the Project Codes that start with the letter B will appear in the search; all others will be filtered out.

Employee Time Enhancements 

  • Time Import and Time Sheet:

Do you prefer to use Excel or a mobile time app to keep track of your time?  Well, now you can easily import a file into Design Manager to create your time entries; whether for billing your client or for keeping an employee time record.

Read more about this great addition, here.    

  • Employee Time Options:
Many new Company Advanced options have been added for Time entries, including the ability to automatically create monthly time items to attach your time entries to.

  • Client Sales History report

Want to know which client has the highest sales this year?  The Client Sales History report will show you how much your clients have been invoiced for over the years.

  • Excel format import and export

    Importing just got easier with Excel. Design Manager now accepts xlsx file types to import your contacts.  Also added is the ability to export many different grids throughout the software to Excel; including the stock item glossary, which will export the attached pictures with an image URL, making it easy to import to your eCommerce website. To learn more click here.

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