Pro Cloud v522 Release Notes 11.7.16

Modified on: 2017-09-29 15:44:41 -0400

Enhanced, Easy-to-Use Client Returns and Credits

Some great changes have been made to help make your Client Returns a breeze.

We have taken all the guess work out of processing Client Returns by making the interface clean and the steps simple to follow.  Simply select the Return Type and the Item(s) to return and let Design Manager do the rest!

To learn more click here.

The Invoice Listing with Item Detail report now includes an option to Show Total Payments. This will show a new Payment column with the total payment received on the Invoice.

Warnings have been added when entering a cash receipt as a deposit against a proposal with items that have already been invoiced.  This helps for better decision making when entering the cash receipt.  In these cases, the cash receipt should generally be entered against the invoice created, and not the proposal.

The Delivery/Shipping report has received two new options to show Items that are: Delivered (have a Delivery Date, regardless of other dates) and Delivered and Shipped (have a Delivery Date and a Shipped Quantity).

A Delivered Date range has been added to the Specification Search.

The Chart of Accounts report now has an option to exclude closed accounts.

Inventory Search – now search the entire Stock Item Description for a specific word. When you sort the Inventory Stock Item Glossary by the Description column, you can search the entire Description of all Stock Items for a specific word by typing an * and then the word you are looking for.  For example, if you wanted to see all items that have the word chair in its Description, you will type *chair (asterisk is required). The Inventory Stock Item Glossary will narrow your Items down and only show those that have the word chair within their description.

New columns were added for Invoiced, Deposit Applied/Refunded, and Deposit Available on the Proposal and Documents window. 

An easier way to change the Color-coded Status of a Proposal has been added.  Learn more here.

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