How to Copy, Paste, Remove (delete), and use short cut keys when using a Mac.

Modified on Mon, 05 Jun 2017 at 02:13 PM

When using a Mac with Design Manager On-line, the hot or short cuts keyboard commands are as follows:

Access to any tab, menu, or field that has an underscored character:

Apple + <the letter that is underscored>

While in a text box (for the highlighted text):

Ctrl + C          = Copy Text

Ctrl + V           = Paste Text

Ctrl + X           = Delete Text

Delete = Delete Text

Apple + C      = Spell Check

Apple + S       = Search

Esc                 = Cancel

Enter              = new line if in a multi-line text box or OK button.

Tab                 = go to next field

Option + clicking the mouse button = Right-click menu (context menu) that gives you the ability to Copy, Paste, etc.

For those familiar with a Microsoft Windows Keyboard, the keys translate as follows:

Ctrl = Ctrl

Apple = Alt

Shift + Option = Alt

Hold down Option and click mouse button for a right-click with a single button mouse.