Credit Card Processing through Design Manager and TSYS (Cayan)

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Below are the different ways to process Credit Cards in Design Manager using a TSYS/Cayan Credit Card Processing Account:

  • Client gives you their Credit Card number and information over the phone:

For this transaction you will use Design Manager as normal. In connection with your TSYS/Cayan Credit Card Processing Account, you will type the Credit Card number into the available field in Design Manager when requested. 

Below is a link to a webinar that shows you how to setup Design Manager to link to your TSYS/Cayan account and how to enter Credit Card transactions through Design Manager. Charges are taken directly through the software.

Credit Card Processing Webinar

  • Client wants to pay online:

If your client would like to view and pay their Proposals and Invoices online, you simply need to add the FREE ClientConnect feature to your Design Manager software.  Contact Us to add this to your account.

Once you have ClientConnect activated, you will have the ability to send your clients to their own private website where they can view and pay their Proposals and Invoices.  You have full control of what your client sees on the website.  It works seamlessly with your TSYS/Cayan Credit Card Processing Account to deposit the money directly into your bank account and update your Design Manager accounting software to show the payments have been made.

Below is a webinar that shows you how the transactions are processed using ClientConnect.

ClientConnect Webinar

  • Client is in-person and you want to run their credit card through a terminal or swiper:

If you want to use a standard terminal or swiper that connects to your computer, you can purchase one through TSYS/Cayan when you setup your Cayan Credit Card Processing Account. This device will interface directly with Design Manager. 

Cayan also offers a Genius terminal for chip reading, this device will not interface directly with Design Manager; however, it can still be used to run the Credit Card charge.  The charge will process through to Cayan using the Genius terminal, but you will need to manually enter the payment into Design Manager to mark the Proposal or Invoice as paid. In this instance, you will NOT use the TSYS/Cayan Payment Type in Design Manager Cash Receipts, instead, you will enter the cash receipt as if paid by check or by selecting another payment type that is NOT linked to the TSYS/Cayan processing system.

If you have any questions you can contact our support team.  If you have not yet signed up for a TSYS/Cayan Credit Card Processing Account, you can do so by clicking here

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