Login Redirect to Install, and open ICA file extra step

Modified on: 2017-06-02 13:27:36 -0400

Issue:  Using Internet Explorer 11 or 10 and attempting to log into Design Manager, the website https://cloud.designmanager.com is redirected and keeps prompting the user to install the Citrix software. Even after you have already installed the software. This is not operating system specific.

Work Around: You select the skip to log in page and then enter your login information. It may say that it is unable to detect that the Citrix client is installed. After the login info is entered and the DM icon shows up you must open the ICA file that is downloaded to enter into the DM software. These extra steps are time consuming and confusing.

To avoid these steps follow the instructions below.



See this article to change the compatibility settings on Internet Explorer 10 or 11:

After this is done you should no longer be prompted to install if you already have the Citrix receiver installed.

To add sub-domains only, and not the entire domain, i.e., to add “cloud.designmanager.com” instead of the entire “designmanager.com”, see this article.


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