Barcode Printing - font needed

Modified on: 2017-07-20 15:37:37 -0400

When printing from DM Cloud, the font as shown on print preview does not match what comes out on the printer or the barcode labels print numbers instead of the barcode

Certain printers (specifically postscript) load the fonts that are being used from the local computer ahead of time.  This allows the print data being sent to the printer to be smaller since it does not have to include the font data.  This presents a problem with customers that have customized forms (using a non-standard font) or when printing barcodes using the code-39 digits font.  To fix the problem, make sure that the font is loaded onto the machines doing the printing.  For windows, this means installing the font under the fonts section in the control panel.  For users with a custom font, they must purchase and load it onto each machine the prints the custom document.

To install the code-39 barcode font, download the below attached file and unzip it into a temporary folder. Under control panel, fonts, install a new font and specify the files from the temporary folder and use the option to copy the font into the fonts folder.  The fonts can also be dragged and dropped into the windows fonts folder.

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