Cloud Toolbar goes Blank

Modified on: 2017-07-20 15:41:48 -0400

To fix a CloudSpace users toolbar when it has gone blank:

If the cloud revision is at 503, try this first:

  1. Click on the arrow (top left corner) just next to the DM icon.
  2. Choose More commands
  3. Choose the Customize Ribbon tab
  4. Choose the Reset button

If not at rev 503, or the above fails, do this:

  1. Be sure to know the specific user name having the issue and that they are NOT logged into DM before continuing.
  2. Log on to Citrix 5 at WS
  3. Go to the Registry editor (regedit)
  4. Highlight  HKey users
  5. Select File – Load Hive
  6. Go to the customer files (see favorite)
  7. Go to Users directory
  8. Fins specific user’s directory
  9. Go to Profile v2 directory
  10. In the file name type:    ntuser.dat   
  11. Choose open
  12. Type in the User name
  13. In Reg Edit look for the user name in the hive
  14. Go inside hive to Software
  15. Delete the entire directory for the program they are running; example: Pro8CommandBar
  16. Highlight user in hive again and choose File – Unload Hive
  17. Yes to save – then close out of reg edit and log off the Server.
  18. Have the user log back into DM.

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