Outlook: Send and Receive Error / Duplicate .PST file

Modified on: 2017-04-28 16:45:59 -0400

Problem: Send and receive Error Occurs because IMAP is being used with a roaming profile. E-mail may come into one account but cannot send from Outlook or either send or receive is sporadic. Two accounts may be present, “Outlook” and then a seemingly intended account with the user’s name.

Microsoft does not recommend using IMAP with Outlook.

IMAP, being an older technology, syncs entirely from the IMAP server so there is no need to back up user’s .pst file.

Steps are…

  1. Under the user’s roaming documents folder, there should be a hidden folder called Outlook Files.  Create an Old subfolder and move and .pst files from that folder to the old folder for a backup.
  2. Reset users Outlook profile, see here
  3. Log onto the Domain Controller
  4. RegEdit and load the user's hive
  5. Create the ForcePSTPath entry as string value in the following key, and save the hive.  The value of ForcePSTPath should be the Outlook Files folder under the user’s Documents folder in their roaming profile.

In Outlook 2007 (POP3, Sharepoint, and default pst files only):


In Outlook 2010 go to


In Outlook 2013, the path is


6.  Launch Outlook, File, Accounts, re-create the IMAP account

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