DM2011 Desktop Installation Instructions

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Installing Design Manager 2011 DESKTOP


Follow these instructions when installing Design Manager 2011 from a CD on your own computer(s) or network. If you are using Design Manager Cloud, see…


Installing on a Single-user system, one user or one computer:

  1. Insert the Design Manager 2011 CD
  2. Windows should ask how to open the CD, choose Run Setup


  1. Follow the Prompts
  2. After the setup is complete and the computer restarts, run DM2011 by double-clicking the icon.


  1. Enter the Product Code found on the back of the CD case


*NOTE: If you have purchased multiple users, then you will be asked for a password the next time that you start DM2011.  The default password is “DM”.


Installing on a Network, so that multiple users can share DM 2011

  1. Choose the computer that will be the server…this is the computer that will have DM 2011 installed on its C: Drive.  This computer must be the machine with the newest operating system. For example, if you have one Windows 7 machine, and 2 XP machines, then the Windows 7 machine must be the server
  2. Install DM 2011 as normal on the server computer (follow the “Single-user” instructions on the previous page).  Make sure that you start up Design Manager and enter the product code
  3. Make the C:\DM2011 folder sharable…
  • Choose Start, Computer (My Computer), C Drive, highlight the C:\DM2011 folder
  • Click on the C: drive (or the drive to which DM 2011 was installed)
  • Right-click on the DM2011 folder, choose Properties                
  • Click on the Sharing Tab, and then click the Share button
  • Click Add and choose Everyone, or choose individual users
  • Set each user that will share Design Manager to Read/Write
  1. Go to each of the computers from which you wish to run DM 2011 and do the following…
  • Click on the Start Button, choose Computer
  • Click on the Map network drive button
  • Choose an available drive letter and then click the Browse button
  • Choose the Computer that you installed Design Manager on…highlight the DM2011 folder, click OK
  • The Map Network Drive window should look similar to this…
  • Click Finish
  • Insert the Design Manager 2011 CD
  • Windows should ask how to open the CD, choose Run Setup
  • Follow the prompts until you get to the Destination Folder Window
  • Use the Drop down of the Look In box
  • Choose the drive letter that you have mapped
  • Click OK and continue with the Setup.
  • Repeat the Map Drive operation and Setup for each additional computer that you wish to run Design Manager on.

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