Installing on computers without a C: drive, error 1313

Modified on: 2017-06-12 15:05:19 -0400

Some versions of Windows will not run the Design Manager installation (uses Microsoft Windows Installer) unless a read/writeable C: drive exists.  Live Update will also not work unless a C: drive is present.  There are two workarounds for this problem.

  1. When installing on a Windows 2003 server or on a workstation hooked up to the network create a shared folder on the server entitled CDrive and give the appropriate users full access.  On the workstation or on the server itself map a network drive to this folder and choose C: as the drive letter.  Should C: be a removable disk or CD-ROM you will have to assign a different drive letter to that drive before you can map the C: drive.  To assign drive letters go to the Computer Management Console, Disk Management, and then right-click the CD-ROM and choose Assign Drive Letter.
  1. Reassign the drive letters on your computer using traditional letters (such as C: for your main hard drive).  See:

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