Setting up two or more separate companies (copies of the software) on one computer or network

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Multiple copies of the software can exist on a single computer or network.  This is useful when running completely separate accounting systems for multiple corporate entities.  The following is instructions for each software product and how to setup an additional operating copy with a separate database.  For all software versions, make sure that a live update is run on each copy of Design Manager.  Make sure that you have a good back-up before trying any of the processes below; there is a danger of losing all of your data!

Design Manager 2000:

Install the software again.  When the installation gets to the point where a destination location can be chosen (defaults to “C:\DM2000”) be sure to change the path to different location, i.e. “C:\DM2000-2.”  A new icon will be created on your desktop for the new copy, rename this icon to the name of your new Company so that you do not get confused between the new and the current.

Design Manager Pro 5.0, Pro 6.0, Pro 7.0, SE6 and DM2011

Design Manager Pro does not allow for the installation to be run multiple times.  Therefore the server installation will need to be run on a computer that has not had DM installed yet or the multiple copies will need to be made after the initial installation.  Design Manager Technical support can be contacted for an empty database for your new Company if a computer to run the setup on is unavailable.

To make the second Company, copy the entire Design Manager Directory.  As long as this is a newly installed copy the directory will contain a blank database.  When copying a directory with data, make sure you place the blank database file from Design Manager Technical Support into the new directory.  Make sure that you copy all subdirectories that are under the Design Manager directory.

Finally, create a new icon that points to DMPRO60.EXE or DMBIN32.EXE (for Pro 5.0) or other executable and name it appropriately.

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