Troubleshooting Printer Problems

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Design Manager uses the Windows GDI to render its printing.  The output that Design Manager sends to a printer is the same regardless of the printer make or model?read ?Phase 1? of the following article.

Here are some other things to try?

  • Make sure that the drivers are current.
  • Make sure the drivers support GDI (almost all do expect for some Postscript, etc.).
  • Make sure printing cannot arrive at the printer from more than one source (i.e. more than one spooler is sending to the printer or some users are using the spooler and some are attached directly through an IP address or wireless connection).
  • If multiple users are printing to the same IP or wireless printer, printing can be become garbled if more than one job is sent to the printer at the same time?to avoid this, setup the printer on one computer and then share it.  Make sure each user is sending the printing to the network/shared printer instead of directly to the IP address of the printer.
  • If you cycle power on the printer and the same printing is sent and works it could indicate a problem with the driver or a network or cable communications issues.
  • Some printer?s have memory that can be changed?make sure that the amount of memory in the printer is the same as the amount of memory set in the driver settings.

There are many articles on the web about troubleshooting specific printing problems and you should check with website of your printer?s manufacturer.

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