Error 20515 generating a print preview / printing a report / text formula

Modified on: 2017-09-22 13:52:09 -0400

This error revolves around a Crystal Report issue with the Address field and a missing file on the computer.

Determine the Network configuration whether it is Terminal Services or if the software is run across the Network:

  • Run the Design Manager 2000 setup by inserting the DM Install CD.  Point the destination directory towards the current (active) copy of Design Manager.  Do this for each computer affected.
  • If that doesn?t resolve the issue, try to manually register the cruflfpa.dll.

Click on the Windows Start Button and select Run

Type the following command into the Run box:

(regsvr32 <software path) <click ok>   Example:    regsvr32 c:\dm2000\cruflfpa.dll   <click Ok>

Prompt should appear saying that the file was registered successfully.

  • If this is a Terminal Client for Design Manager 2000:
  1. First, start off by having all users exit Design Manager and create a backup.
  2. Insert the Design Manager install CD in to the Server computer.
  3. Click cancel or exit when the install wizard appears on the Server.
  4. Have the remote connect to the Server through the remote connection.
  5. Right click on the Design Manager icon on the Server desktop and select Properties. Write down the Target path to the software (example   C:\shared\dm2000).
  6. Now open the My Computer icon on the Remote Desktop and run the Setup.exe that's on the CD.
  7. Follow the install wizard. At the point where it asks for the destination directory, point it to the path that was written down in Step #5.
  8. Complete the install wizard and test the software to see if the error has subsided.

This error could also revolve around an invalid character in a particular field. In the example below, the Account Name field was generating the error. The apostrophe had to be removed from the Account Name in order to resolve the error.

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