Automation Error -214...and 91 errors in the Time Billing section of the software or calendar does not show correctly.

Modified on: 2017-09-22 13:52:09 -0400

This error is caused by an incorrect version of the Microsoft Calendar Control that is a shared component with Microsoft Office and Design Manager.  This problem can occur when upgrading Office, placing Office Service Packs onto the computer, or installing new Office Components. 

There are two ways to fix the problem:

1. The easiest fix is to download and install the Design Manager Calendar Fix for MS Office.  This is a installation patch that corrects the version conflict with MSCAL.OCX.

To download see attached file below.

2. Below is the manual method for fixing the problem:

  • Search the computer that is getting the error for file MSCAL.OCX.
  • Delete all occurrences of the MSCAL.OCX from the machine.
  • Re-install Design Manager 2000 or the Design Manager Pro 6.0 Client to get the correct version of MSCAL.OCX.  For instructions on re-installing, click here
  • After the re-install, click on Time Billing.
  • Computer should ask for your Office CD to verify that you are a licensed user of MS Office (this is a one-time operation), follow the instructions by placing that CD into the drive.
  • The calendar should now operate normally.

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