Design Manager states that the password is in use, but that user is not logged in on another machine.

Modified on: 2017-09-22 13:52:09 -0400

This problem has the following causes/solutions:

  1. Double check that the user did not leave software running on another machine.  This does NOT apply to DM Online as the new login will take over what is running under the old one.
  2. User was disconnected from their network or terminal server session without logging of the network or terminal server properly.  For Terminal Server, an administrator can use the terminal server console on the terminal server to see if the user is logged into a session.  The user can be logged out using the terminal server console.  Make sure that Terminal Server is set to reconnect to the same lost session. For a normal server (shared drive), the computer management console can be use to check for open files, any user that has the main executable (dmbin32.exe, dm2000.exe, dmpro60.exe, dmse6.exe, dmpro70.exe) open is logged into Design Manager.   Re-starting the server will also log everyone out and may free up the user?s password.  This does NOT apply to DM Online.
  3. Design Manager used to have a certain number of licenses installed on it but because of a re-install of Design Manager there is some number less.   To fix this, copy all of the *.lic files from the old DM installation or from a back-up and make sure that a live update is run.  If the .lic files cannot be recovered, contact DM technical support to get a copy of the correct .lic files for your company.  This does NOT apply to DM Online.
  4. The date/time and/or time zone is not correct on every computer that uses the software or logs into DM Online.  Make sure that each workstation has approximately the same time set and correct time zone (note that the time can be correct and the time zone / daylight saving setting can still be wrong).  When using a domain controller the workstations should pick up the GMT from the controller and will adjust for the time zone and daylight saving time settings.  For this reason, make sure that all workstations and servers have the proper daylight savings time patches (latest SP or all updates for Windows).

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