Error 3218 Couldn't update; currently locked or error 3164 Field could not be updated

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Ninety percent of the time record locking errors are due to another user locking a portion of the database that is trying to be accessed.   For example if user #1 has item #0010 for project ABC up on their screen and User #2 tries to run a proposal that covers item #0010, User #2 will get a 3218 (or 3164) error because the system cannot update item #0010 with the new proposal information without first receiving the changes that may or may not be made by User #1.  This behavior is ?by design? and avoids accounting errors and data referential integrity issues.

In some cases record locking errors can be generated when no other user is actually in the record.  In this case the error can be due to one of the following:

  1. The latest version of the Microsoft Jet Data Engine must be installed on all computers using Design Manager.  This does not apply to workstations if accessing Design Manager through Terminal Services, but does apply to all servers that access the database.  For Windows 2000, 2003, and Windows XP users this means that latest service pack (Windows Update via the Internet) needs to be installed.  For Windows 98se/NT, contact Microsoft Technical Support to get the latest Jet 4.0 service pack and installation instructions.  To check the Jet version, all computers should have at least version 4.0.8618 or higher.  To check the version, search the hard drive for 'msjet40.dll', select the file that resides in the System 32 directory when the search results appear. Right click on the file, select Properties and click on the Version tab to verify.
  1. It is possible for a user to lock a record and then have something happen to their computer and leave that record locked on the network.  These problems usually correct themselves when the user logs back in, but sometimes depending on how the user is disconnected from the network records can remain locked.  Repairing and compacting the database will free up these records.  It cannot hurt to run the Repair as often as once a week or even every night as part of a back-up procedure to keep the database performing at its best.  If you are a member of Design Manager?s LiveBackUp Service then this is done for you automatically.  To run repair manually, make sure all other users are out of DM and choose File, Utilities, Repair the Database.  To schedule periodic repairs, repair.exe can be placed on your server?s task scheduler.  Use the /quiet switch to prevent the user prompts.
  1. Terminal Services may require some additional Jet settings...see the following here.

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