Error 3800, error 3011 occurs; Primary (SKey#) is not an index in this table or Object is not found.

Modified on: 2017-09-22 13:52:11 -0400

This error code means that an index, table, or field in the database has become corrupted or unusable.  It also could mean that new changes to the Design Manager software are in place but the respective changes to the database could not be implemented.   When this occurs within a report, an ?error detected by database DLL? may occur before or after the error.

NOTE: Run a back-up before trying any of the utilities in this article!

To fix this problem for Pro 6.0, Design Manager 2000, or SE6 run a Live Update.  Go to File ? Live Update. The Live Update will run a database compact and synchronization.  To fix the problem manually without running a Live Update, run a Repair from the File, Utilities Menu.  Next, exit the software browse to the Design Manager directory and run FPASYNC.EXE.

To fix in Pro 5.0, open a command prompt, switch to the Design Manager directory, type FPASYNC.EXE /COMPACT at the prompt.

Should this not fix the problem, the update, or FPASYNC fails to run, the database will have to be sent to Design Manager Technical Support for analysis.

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