Error 53 Cannot Find File or Error 3024 Cannot Find Database

Modified on: 2017-09-22 13:52:11 -0400

This error means that specified file does not exist in the Design Manager directory.  First check the icon properties and make sure that the ?Start In? directory is the same as the directory that the executable (?Target?) is located in.  If the icon properties are correct then the file must really be missing.  The file must have been deleted or moved by a user or program external to Design Manager as Design Manager is incapable of deleting its own files.  Should the missing file be a database (end in .mdb) then a restore from a back-up must be done.  If the file is any other program or report file then a live update can be run to replace the missing file.  Should the file be a system file (.dll, .ocx, etc.) then the client or workstation setup should re-installed.

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