Active X control crviewer.dll error, error 372, or out of memory error 7 occurs when running any report

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Error cannot load the Active X control crviewer.dll occurs or error 372 or out of memory error 7 occurs when running any report

These errors occur when using another package that loads crystal reports 8.5 without the appropriate service packs or a version of Crystal Reports newer than 8.5 is loaded without all of the appropriate support files.   Please check that Design Manager is installed and appears on the  add/remove programs list. Please try to fix this by only working with the viewer first (unless on Terminal Services)?see below?

To fix:

Do a Search in all file and folders and search for ?crviewer.dll?.  You will most likely find two occurrences.  If you have one occurrence then simply register the file (i.e.: regsvr32 c:\windows\system32\crviewer.dll).

If there are two or more of these files, check the date modified of each file found. Copy the newest version over to the other areas where this file version is not as new.

Example: The crviewer.dll file found inside system32 is dated 4/2/02 but the program files\seagate software\viewers\activexviewer directory has the file date as 6/3/04, overwrite the System32 with a copy of the Program files file (overwrite the older file).

For 64 bit operating systems: Look under the C:\Windows\SysWOW64    and    C:\Program Files (x86)\Seagate Software\Viewers\activexviewer

For Windows 8: Generally, the crviewer file is found under: C:\Windows\SysWOW64     and    C:\Users\username\appdata\local\programs\seagate software\viewers\activexviewer   (the username is the user you are logged into your computer as; AppData is normally a hidden file ? you will need to select View and the check box for show hidden)

If the above does not work, try uninstalling the Design Manager SE6/Pro 6.0/7.0 Client (make sure that it is the CLIENT for Pro 6.0).  Delete all occurrences of crviewer.dll.  Re-install the SE6/ Pro 6.0/7.0 Client.


If an incomplete version of Crystal Reports is loaded that is newer than 8.5  (usually by another software vendor) it may be necessary to remove the Crystal directory and the Crystal Print Engine .dll files before re-installing SE6 or the Design Manager Pro 6.0/7.0 Client.  DM is tested using Crystal Print Engines up to Version 11 although we cannot guarantee that the newer version is installed correctly and that the appropriate service packs are installed by the third party software vendor that uses it.  You must contact the other software vendor to obtain a list of Crystal Reports Files that they install, remove the DM Client, remove the files, and then re-install the DM Client.

On a Terminal Services machine it is possible that correct Terminal Server Installation instructions were not followed, see the Installation section of the manual.

***Make sure a reliable back-up is obtained before attempting any procedure such as this! ***

For more information on removing Crystal files see here

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