Runtime Error 3356, 105, or -8 during database repair, back up, live update, or starting up Design Manager

Modified on: 2017-09-22 13:52:14 -0400

Error 3356: You attempted to open a database that is already opened exclusively by user <name> on machine <name>. Try again when the database is available.

Error 105: Error accessing file (sharing violation).

Error -8: Access denied, skipping file.

This error occurs when the database or the executable is open by another user and needs to be locked exclusively or the database is locked exclusively and needs to be open as shared.

To resolve:

  1. Before running Repair, Back-up, or Live update make sure that all users are out of Design Manager.
  1. When all users are out of Design Manager and the problem persists, there could be a user logged into the network that never logged out properly and is holding the database open.  Reboot the server or computer acting as a server on a peer to peer network and then try running the Repair or Live Update again.
  1. This error will also occur when a user tries to open Design Manager while the Repair, Live Update, or Back-up utility is running. The software cannot be launched until the utility has been completed.  When a user enters the software while an update is talking place they can prevent access to the executable, as a result the executable may be missing or damaged.  The user performing the update should re-boot and then run live update directly by browsing to the Design Manager directory and double-clicking on dmlupdt.exe, this will replace the executable with a good copy.

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