Current Year Income on the Balance Sheet does not match Net Income on Income Statement

Modified on Wed, 29 Nov 2017 at 02:26 PM

There are three possible causes for this problem.  Before trying any of these suggestions, make sure that you have a good back-up of Design Manager that you can restore to should one of the suggestions not work out as expected:

  1. The type of account has been changed and the layout was not updated accordingly.  For example, should an account be changed from an asset to a liability then the Balance Sheet Layout should also be updated.  Before printing either the Balance Sheet or the Income Statement, click on the Layout Button.  To assure that all accounts are in their proper section click the Reset Button.  Note: You will have to re-do your layout after you click the Reset Button.
  2. There is a problem with the opening balances.  Design Manager maintains a list of balances for each account and month in order to speed up processes for each month.  Run the utility, rebgl.exe or rebgl32.exe.  This utility can be found in the Design Manager directory and will reconstruct the opening balance file.  ***Cloud users will need to contact support in order to have the Rebuild run for them.***
  3. The Trail Balance is not in balance.  Run a Trail Balance Report under G/L Reports for the same period in which the income does not match.  Check the total debits and total credits at the end of the report and make sure that the totals match.  If the totals are different then your data will need be checked out by Design Manager Technical support so that the out of balance transactions can be analyzed.