The Design Manager shortcut points to the correct directory but the executable is missing

Modified on: 2017-05-17 14:06:11 -0400

When running a live update for Design Manager Pro 6.0, SE6, or 2000…should users enter the software at the same time as when the update is running then the update will receive a 105 error (sharing violation).  The executable will be removed to prevent users from running the software when the update is only partially installed.  This can also happen when running an upgrade from diskette for Pro 5.0. 

The solution is to browse to the Design Manager directory and launch the program, dmlupdt.exe (shows as dmlupdt -without the .exe on some machines).  This will launch the live update, re-run the update and when it completes successfully the executable will return.  For Pro 5.0, run fpautl32.exe (or fpautl32) and choose Software Update Program, re-insert the diskette(s) when prompted.

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