Error occurs that states memory cannot be read or written

Modified on: 2017-09-22 13:52:16 -0400

When running DM or any application an error occurs that states as part of the message that memory cannot be read or memory cannot be written.

This error is very specific to some sort of RAM or hard drive issue (since Windows basically treats physical memory and virtual memory as the same contiguous space, a drive problem where the swap file (or paging file) resides). There is an outside chance that the problem could be caused by DEP or some sort of low-level driver. This is outside the realm of DM technical support but below are some suggestions.  This information should be used ?as is? and Design Manager makes no guarantees about the validity of the information.

  1. After such an error occurs while using DM, all users should exit the software, and the DM database should be repaired (run the repair.exe program found in the DM directory of that copy). This is not to fix the error, but because it is unknown what the program was doing at the time the memory problem occurred we want to make sure that that the error itself did cause a corruption to the database that would in turn cause future errors.

The rest of these suggestions will have to be done when the computer/server can be re-booted or taken offline and keep in mind that these suggestions are pretty general and not specific to any given version of the OS:

  1. Check to make sure that DEP is off or all surrounding drivers such as printers, etc are DEP compliant. See here. Check the event log to see if any other information is available about the error such as the faulting module (like ntdll.dll or hpprndrv.dll, etc).
  2. Run a surface scan of your hard drive (or verify the integrity of the RAID system if using hardware RAID), particularly the drive with the paging file.
  3. Run the Memory test over night to make sure no memory ever fails, see here

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