Import Design Manager Pro 6.0 Addresses into Outlook

Modified on: 2017-06-12 16:01:25 -0400

In Outlook 2003, choose File, Import and Export…

Choose “Import from another program or file” and click Next.

Choose “Microsoft Access” and click Next

In the File to Import box type or use the browse button to select the dmpro.mdb database from the Design Manager Pro 6.0 installation directory.  Click Next.

Choose a Contacts Folder to receive the new addresses and click Next.

Check the box next to “Import ADDRESSES” and the Mapping Window will appear.

On the Map Custom Fields Window, map the database fields to the desired Outlook Contact fields.  The SORTNAME field should be mapped to the Name field, Business Address node on the Outlook side needs to be expanded so that the individual Design Manager Fields can be mapped appropriately.

Note:  Due to differences in the layout and design of Outlook Addresses versus Design Manager Addresses, this import is not perfect and may require a considerable amount of clean-up after import.  Outlook also does not know the difference between Design Manager Vendors, Clients, etc. so all addresses will be imported into one folder, and unwanted addresses must be deleted or moved manually.

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