Installing Design Manager Pro 5.0 on a Terminal Server

Modified on: 2017-06-12 16:02:31 -0400

To move from a regular server to a terminal server, copy the entire Pro 5.0 directory and all subdirectories to the new server, do not install from the CD…

For a new install, install the software from the CD…

To set up for Terminal Services:

  1. Place the server into install mode.
  1. Run the 'setup.exe' in the DMPro50\wssetup directory. Make sure that you point the setup to the correct network drive. It will automatically default to the F:/dmpro50 directory. This absolutely needs to be set to the path that contains the dmbin32.exe file or the main Design Manager directory on the network share.  It cannot be a long file name (cannot have spaces and must be 8 characters or less) and must include a mapped drive letter.
  1. Place the server into application execute mode.

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