Data Collection Scanner will not scan, upload properly, or malfunctions

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On occasion the scanner can stop functioning properly.  This is usually due to a power surge, dropping the unit, or letting the batteries run down too low.  In this condition there may be no choice but to reset the unit.  Resetting the scanner will lose any scanned items that may be loaded into your scanner.  To reset the unit, turn the power off.  Slide open the battery door on the back of the scanner and remove the NiCad rechargeable battery.  Finally, reinsert the battery while holding down the Alpha and Enter buttons together on the front of the scanner. You do not have to reload the software as it is stored in nonvolatile memory within the scanner.  If the batteries are very low they may need to be charge before a reset is done.

Should the scanner seem to be OK and a reset did not solve the problem then see these other tips?

Make sure the scanner is setup properly?

If you have purchased your scanner from Franklin-Potter Associates, Inc. then you will have a docking station, a power supply, the PT2000 scanner itself, a keyboard wedge cable, and a serial cable.  To setup your scanner, first power-down your computer.  Next plug the wide keyboard cable into the back on the docking station.  Unplug your keyboard from the back of your computer and plug it into one end of docking station cable.  Plug the other end of the docking station cable into your computer where the keyboard used to be plugged.  Finally, plug the power supply into the docking station and then into a standard wall outlet.  Slide the scanner into the docking station and a charge battery light should come on.  The serial cable is only used to program the scanner and is not needed for day-to-day operation.

Make sure that the batteries are charged?

It is important that the scanner?s batteries are charged for 8 to 12 hours before the first time that the scanner is used.  The batteries must be charged if a low battery warning is appearing or occasionally flashes in the display window.  To charge the batteries simply leave the scanner in the docking station.  When the charge battery light in on it means that the scanner in seated properly and the batteries are charging.  Failure to charge the batteries may result in lost data or permanent damage to the rechargeable batteries within the scanner. ***If you do not have a docking station/cradle, plug the power supply into the back of the cable that has the USB attached to it.  The power supply plugs into the back of this serial port cable and then to the wall/outlet.

Test the scanner and perform maintenance?

Test the scanner before using it to scan a large complicated batch of items.  Make sure you are familiar with the operation of the scanner and the software before using it to scan a large batch of items.  Try it with only a few items first!

When scanning a large group of items, split the scanning up into manageable batches.  For example, when taking a physical count of your entire inventory, upload the scanner to your lot on the computer every couple of hundred of items.  Every upload will append items to the list that is being maintained on the computer.  This way if something happens to the scanner (like it gets dropped or loses power) you will only have to re-count the last couple of hundred items.  Another fact to keep in mind is that the scanner can only hold a maximum of about 1800 items at a time.

Make sure that you keep the plate on the bottom of scanner clean.  If you are having trouble uploading from the scanner or getting garbled results, try cleaning the plate on the bottom of the scanner.  Make sure that the pins inside the docking station are also clean and free of obstruction and that the scanner is seated properly in the cradle.  Unplug the docking station and turn off your computer before attempting to clean the pins.  Use a Q-tip with a little rubbing alcohol on it to clean the docking station pins and the bottom of the scanner.

If you are having trouble uploading but do not want to lose the items you have scanned you can dump the scanner into notepad and save the data as a file.  You can later copy the contents of this file to the clipboard and paste it into the white box on the upload window.  This file can also be sent to Design Manager technical support so that they can examine the data.

If all else fails the scanner can be reset.  See the Hardware Concerns section of this manual.  Resetting the scanner will cause it to lose any items currently in the scanner but not yet uploaded.

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