DNS errors or errors 11001, 11002, 11003, or 11004, 12007

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A Domain Name Server (DNS) is an IP address or set of IP addresses that are supplied by the client?s Internet Service Provider (ISP).  These servers are used to look up names on the Internet such as www.designmanager.com and translate them into the numeric IP address that computers can understand.  There are several causes of such errors:

  1. The Internet or IP settings on the network adapter (TCP/IP settings) have the incorrect DNS addresses typed in.  This is usually a result of someone miss-keying a number when typing in the addresses.  If some addresses are correct and some are wrong then intermittent failure could occur.  The client must contact their ISP to find out what the correct DNS server addresses are.
  1. DNS servers are subject to database maintenance cycles and down time.  If this is the case, then the problem will be temporary and Internet service should return as soon as the ISP rectifies the problem.  Alternate (secondary) DNS addresses are usually supplied to prevent this problem.
  1. A conflicting computer IP address or Firewall could be causing a network communication error or blocking access to the DNS server or the Design Manager website.  Make sure that any Firewalls are open for read/write to port 21 using the FTP protocol for www.designmanager.com, liveupdate.designmanager.com, and livebackup.designmanager.com and that your ISP?s DNS server can be contacted through the Firewall.  If any other networking errors are occurring, rectify those problems and see if the DNS issue goes away as well.

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