The Toolbar/Ribbon is missing or appears grey, no buttons appear

Modified on: 2018-03-15 12:19:13 -0400

If you log into DM Pro Cloud and the Toolbar/Ribbon at the top is greyed and it appears as if the buttons are missing and you cannot work; first check to see what revision your program is at.

This is located at the bottom of your main DM screen.

If revision 503 or higher appears, continue to the following page for the next steps.  If you are 502 or lower, please contact technical support. Be SURE to note the user account that you are logged in as in the support message you submit.

If you are revision 503 or higher:

  1. Click on the arrow (top left corner) just next to the DM icon.
  2. Choose More commands
  3. Choose the Customize Ribbon tab
  4. Choose the Reset button

    Choose YES to delete the ribbon/toolbars.


    The Toolbar/Ribbon should return.  Choose Close on the Customize Ribbon tab.


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