Vendor Refund for an Expense - DM Only (standard)

Modified on Fri, 21 Jul 2017 at 10:36 AM

Receive a Vendor Refund for an expense (get reimbursed for expense)

  1. Select the Returns button  on the Documents & Accounting window.

  2. Select the Vendor tab.

  3. Select how you are receiving the refund from the vendor. (the examples below will show the Refund Check credit type option)

  4. Select Expense.

  5. Enter the Vendor code from the vendor you received the refund from and the Amount of the refund.

6.   Then click OK. Also, click OK through the prompts/messages.The Vendor Expense bill window will appear. 

7.   Vendor Expense bill window will appear.

8.   Click on the + sign and select the account that was used when the original bill for the expense was entered. Enter the Amount/Cost in this window – Be sure to enter      the Cost as a negative on this window.

9.   Click OK if the Amount Due matches the amount of your refund.

10.  If the window below appears, click OK here as well.

11.  The Credit will now appear on the Pay Bills and Checkbook – Pay Bills/Print Checks tab, unless you chose Refund on Credit Card.

  • If you entered the Refund as a Refund Check type, then you will see 2 entries (as shown above). Tag them both and choose the Offset button on this screen to have the money appear in your checking account.

  • If the Refund was a Credit on Account type, then only one entry will appear on the Pay Bills and Checkbook – Pay Bills/Print Checks tab. This entry will be a negative amount and will remain on this window until you are ready to use the credit to pay against another payable from the vendor.

  • If Refund on Credit Card was selected, the entry will appear immediately in the Credit Card Activity tab.