How To Shadow your Clients or Demos as a DM Dealer/Consultant

Modified on: 2017-07-31 13:25:59 -0400

Go to

Type in your username and password (this is only for you and has access to all of your clients’ data so you never give this out)

(If you don’t already have the Citrix Receiver downloaded and installed please refer to the Getting Started Guide that is attached to the Dealer Access email.)

When you login you will see something like the screen below where you have the Citrix App Center, a copy of Standard and Pro for you to use for testing purposes whenever you want to put data in and then further to the right any clients which you have been given Accountant Access. Accountant Access is where you can go in to your client’s data and have full access to help with bookkeeping or accounting tasks. An Accountant Access form is attached to the Dealer Access email so you can get permission from your Client for this type of access.

To shadow your Clients or do a demo for a Potential Client -- Click on the Citrix App Center Icon

Start by clicking the plus sign next to XenApp

Keep clicking the plus signs until you get all the way down the tree. Area 1 is for doing Demos and Area 2 is for shadowing your Clients. For Demos, you will need to provide your Potential Client with the demo username and password that is included in your Dealer Access email. For Clients, they will already have their own username and password.

Highlight the Demo or Client that you want to Shadow and Click the Connected Users Tab on the right *Potential Clients and Clients

will only show up on the Connected Users list if they are logged into the software*

Highlight the User on the Connected Users List that you want to Shadow, right click, click Shadow

Click OK

Your Potential Clients or Clients will see the following message that they need to Click Yes to the question they will receive below.


Note: When Potential Clients log in using the username and password that you provided them they will see a Standard and a Pro Demo so you have to make sure that they click on the correct one.

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