How to move your Design Manager data from one computer to another computer

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Step 1: Make a back-up of the data on the old computer

Open Design Manager and Click File then Utilities.  There are three utilities to from which to choose and you want to choose Back-up the Database.

This option will launch a simple Back-up Utility that can be used to archive the Design Manager database.  First, you will be asked to confirm that you want to exit Design Manager, choose Yes and the Back-up Window will appear.  

*Note that you should only run a back-up when every other user is out of Design Manager if you are on a multi-user system.

When the Back-up Window appears, it will state that it is setting up which may take several minutes depending on the size of your database.  

After the setting up phase concludes, you may select a drive to which to would like to save the back-up.  You want to choose the C:Drive 9 times out of 10 because that is your computer’s main hard drive.  If you know already that C is not the letter of your hard drive then choose the letter of your hard drive. 

There are three options after the drive selection.  The first option is whether or not to include pictures in your back-up.  Design Manager recommends that you always include pictures unless a smaller back-up is absolutely required.  The e-mail option will allow an address to be specified to which you can e-mail your back-up.  *Note that most back-ups are too large to e-mail which is a limitation of the e-mail capabilities of your Internet Service Provider.  The option of Transfer to DM FTP Site should never be used and is only for the use of Design Manager Technical Support.

Click OK and Design Manager will then ask you where on your hard drive you would like to save your back-up file.  Most users choose Desktop or My Documents because you want to choose a place that is easy to get to.

Click OK and Design Manager will create a back-up file in your chosen spot entitled DMSE6BU.ZIP for SE6, DMPRO70BU.ZIP for Pro 7.0, DM2011BU.ZIP for DM2011.

Step 2: Move the back-up file to a CD or Jump/Flash Drive then to your new computer

You need to either put a CD or a Jump Drive into your computer and then copy the back-up file that you just made to the CD or Flash Drive.  Next, take the CD or Flash Drive to your new computer and move the back-up file from it to a place on your new computer.  Again, most users choose to place the file on their Desktop or My Documents because they are easy to get to.

Step 3: Restore a back-up file to your new computer

NOTE: If you just installed Design Manager on a new computer, make sure that you type in your Product Code and run a Live Update before restoring your backup.

Open Design Manager on your new computer and Click File then Utilities. (If you have not installed Design Manager on your new computer you need to do that first) 

This time choose Restore a Back-up and select the drive and the folder where the back-up is located.

Click OK and you are finished!

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