Batch Purchase Order Faxing and Emailing in Pro Cloud

Modified on Fri, 04 Aug 2017 at 11:43 AM


To use Batch PO faxing, the user/computer must have access to an Internet Faxing service such as efax, myfax, or metrofax that supports fax via email.

To set up faxing, go to the Company Information, PO/WO tab and specify the Internet Fax Service Email Domain including the @ symbol.

For example, if you have metrofax then you will type into the field.

When Design Manager faxes, it will append the vendor�s fax number (from the Vendor Glossary � Defaults tab � Fax Dial String field) to this value entered into the Company Information � PO/WO tab.

*NOTE: Some Fax Services will require that the sending account (the email account used when you set up your fax services) be used for a fax, therefore, the DM Server Email setting may not work. The DM Cloud software sends �on behalf of� the user and comes from the domain (the email does not actually come from the email account/domain used to sign up for the fax service). Some fax services will reject this, so there is the option in the user settings to specify the SMTP information so that emails will actually come from the account that was used to sign up for the fax service.

To change this to the email account that the Fax Service requires, go to File - User Settings � Workstation Settings- Email Setting.

Choose DM Server/SMTP � then click on the SMTP Settings� button.

Enter the necessary SMTP settings for this account � you may need to contact your Fax Service to acquire this (leaving these fields blank will use the DM Server email setting).

***CloudSpace Users can use Outlook for Batch Faxing/Emailing***