Creating a scheduled task to run the LiveBackUp program

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Design Manager LiveBackUp normally runs as system tray application. Under some server installations it may be desirable to control exactly when the backups are run and to avoid having the application always running on the computer. To accomplish this, a Windows Task can be scheduled to run LiveBackUp…

  1. Remove the LiveBackUp program shortcut from the Startup Group under Start, Program Files and move it to the desktop. This icon on the desktop can be run the program to check the status, log, or change options. Note: The backup program (dmlbu.exe) must be version 3.3.0 or higher.

  2. Scheduled Tasks are usually found under Program Files, Accessories, System Tools (see Windows Help for details on setting up a task).

  1. When the task is defined, point to the LiveBackUp executable, it is called dmlbu.exe and usually located under the Program Files\Design Manager\LiveBackUp folder. At the end of the task wizard you will need open up advance properties.

4. Use one of the following command line arguments when setting up the task’s run property (make sure you type a space and forward slash after the executable name)…

/Day – executes the daytime backup

/Night – executes the nighttime back and database maintenance (all users must be out of Design Manager for this to execute).

For example, the run command under task properties may read:

“C:\Program Files\Design Manager\LiveBackUp\dmlbu.exe” /night

***When setting up this task, be sure that the task is not set to “Terminate if runs longer than” a low amount of hours. The suggested timeout setting is 10 hours for a company with large data files and pictures.***

Windows 7

Go to: All Programs – Accessories - System Tools - Task Scheduler

Click on Action – Create Task

Choose Triggers tab - New

Set Start time and choose Daily

Choose OK

Choose Actions tab

Choose New

Under Program/Script enter:

“C:\Program Files\Design Manager\LiveBackUp\dmlbu.exe”

Under Add arguments enter:

/night or /day

Choose OK and then OK on your new task to complete.

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