Error 30012 invalid enum value or error 380 invalid property value occurs when printing (Pro6 and SE6)

Modified on: 2017-08-07 14:19:41 -0400

These errors have the following know solutions:

  1. If using Pro 6.0, make sure that the user is running revision 210 or higher—run a live update. If modified, contact technical support and make sure that the printer tray fix (from rev. 210) has been applied to the user’s live update. If problems still occur after the update, continue to next items…
  1. The user has selected a default paper size other than 8.5 X 11 or is trying to use a paper tray that does not exist on the printer.
  1. The printer being used does not support 8.5 X 11 paper size (i.e. a plotter, photo printer). Check the printer and/or print server properties and look for an odd paper size or paper tray setting.
  1. The printer is a postscript printer and does not support the GDI interface. A printer driver must be loaded that supports GDI, i.e. for an HP6, load the PCL 6 driver and use it instead of the postscript driver when printing in Design Manager.
  1. The printer is a network printer and has become unavailable.
  1. Intuit (i.e., QuickBooks) will install a default export printer that causes this error. Go into the Printers and Faxes window, right-click the desired printer (other than the Intuit printer), and select “Set as Default Printer”.
  2. The user is using a Brother HL series printer. The Brother driver has bug in it that causes programs that use the GDI printer interface (like Crystal Reports) not to be able to find the correct document size. The solution is to uninstall the Brother driver and then to figure out which HP printer that the Brother printer is compatible with. Install that HP driver from the Windows CD. For example, the Brother HL-1440 is compatible with an HP4 printer. Make sure the newly installed printer is set as the default.

In DMSE6 if the problem occurs when selecting the Word Document button in the Rolodex, you have most likely corrupted something in your database installation. You will need to close all Design Manager applications and go to your computer’s Control Panel. Go to Add/Remove Programs and find Design Manager SE6. Choose Click here for Support Information. Then choose the Repair button. This will repair the database. Once completed close the Add/Remove Programs and Control Panel. Go back into Design Manager and try it again. If done correctly, this should now be fixed.

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