Pro Cloud Release Notes 1.30.15

Modified on: 2017-09-26 13:34:02 -0400

  • Item Status color-code criteria options

    We’ve added four new selections for your Item Status criteria.

    • Expected Ship Date

    • User Dates 1 and 2

    • Specifying – Inventory

    • Lock Item/Proposal Edits

See the link here for further information about each of the new “Set When” criteria.

  • Additions to the Client Status report options 

    Now you have more choices as to which Items you want to appear on the Client Status report.

The report includes new options for:

  • Show Items: All, with Deposit Received only, Invoiced only, or with Deposit Received or Invoiced.
  • Show Color Status: Choose Yes if you want the Item color-coded status to print below the Date Columns. (the Show Details selection MUST also be set to Yes)
  • Item Status: Select to show ALL, or ONLY one of the Item color-coded Status choices.

  • Client Status Report- Date Option added

An additional Drop Down choice for Received Date has been added to the selections. When a Received date is entered into a Component of the Item, the date will appear on the Client Status Report when selected in the company advanced settings as shown below. The Client Status Report will show any of the 3 dates you choose (or optionally no dates, one date, or only two dates).

  • File Import – Stock Inventory Addition

    In addition to importing Clients, Vendors, and Misc. Contacts, you can now import inventory items that you have saved in a spreadsheet. You want to make sure that the spreadsheet is saved specifically as a CSV File. This feature makes switching from another software program much easier, but it can be used any time you want to put inventory items into Design Manager software from a spreadsheet. To use this feature, click File - Import – Import CSV – Stock Inventory.

  • Client/Project Statement options

    The Client/Project Statements have been enhanced to now include Invoice Transaction Descriptions and Invoice Items.

    Click Yes next to Show Trans. Desc. to display the Invoice Transaction Descriptions on your Statements.

    Click Yes next to Show Items to display the Items from the Invoices that are listed on your Statements.

See Example below:

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