Pro Cloud Release Notes 8.15.14

Modified on: 2017-09-26 13:33:44 -0400

  • New Office 2013 look, New Ribbon/Toolbar, Ability to Change Font size

The appearance of the software has been updated to resemble the Office 2013 look and feel. The toolbar has been reorganized and now has larger icons. Basic changes can be made under User Settings for the style and font size used throughout most of the program, excluding documents, reports, and certain controls (like a calendar) that do not allow a different font size. The default font size is Normal (9 pt). Note: Using a larger font will cause some text to be cut off from windows when there is not enough room to accommodate the larger size.

  • Design Manager Vision Sidebar

    The Design Manager Vision sidebar allows you to access Basic Accounting Status, basic Project Status, current tasks and appointments, a time billing timer function (DM must be open in order for timer to keep running), and access help and tutorial links. It also includes a picture pane that displays any image associated with a highlighted item and allows the picture to be loaded/captured right from the Vision Pane.

  • Mobile Camera Access

    When using DM Cloud on mobile devices (phones/tablets), the picture capture function will now allow access to the mobile device’s camera.

  • File Import

    Import allows you to bring your Contacts into your Design Manager Address Book at any time. You can select to Import Clients, Miscellaneous Contacts, Ship To's, and Vendors. A CSV file format is needed to Import. Most popular Contact programs, including Microsoft Outlook™, will have the ability to Export your contacts to a CSV file.

  • Client Status Report Date Options

    Status Date Columns: This allows you to tell the system what dates to print on your Client Status Report. There are 3 Drop Down choices, allowing the Client Status Report to show any of the 3 dates you choose (or optionally, no dates, one date, or only two).

  • Layout - Arrange Items

    The Layout button displays a new Arrange Items window similar to the Project hierarchy from the Projects Specifications Tree View tab and allows you to edit the order that Locations and Items appear on a printed Proposal or Invoice. By default, the Items will be in Location Code order with each Item in Reference Number Order within its Location. To change the order, you can select and drag an Item or Location to the desired position. Locations can be arranged in any order. Items can be arranged in any order but only in their respective Location. If you want to move the Item to another Location, click the Edit Item button and change the Location Code.

  • Invoice Update

    The Update Invoice Button on the Accounting – Client Invoices - Existing Tab has been expanded to give more Options for Updating Client Invoice Information.

  • Exporting of Data Grids

    Many data grids allow you to right-click (option-click on a MAC) and choose Export to export the contents of the data grid to a CSV file that can be opened with Excel.

  • ClientConnect

    ClientConnect is an additional Module you can add to Design Manager. It is a great tool to keep you connected to your clients at all times. Through the Internet, you can give a client access to View, Print and Pay their Proposals and Invoices. There are also Status Reports that allow the client to view up-to-date information on their Project Items, all while in the comfort of their own home.

    Client payments made online will be automatically sent back and will update your Design Manager software accordingly. *You MUST sign up with our merchant services company to take payments over the web site. 

  • Modern Style Documents 

    We have added a new Modern-look document Style for Proposals, Purchase/Work Orders, Invoices, and Statements.

  • Paid Stamp

    Show a PAID stamp on all of your Invoices that have a balance due of $0.

  • New Add/Edit Project Window

    The new Project window includes easier project creation with the Auto Project Code feature and a faster way to enter shipping information.

  • New Address Book (Rolodex) Window

We have a Redesigned Address Book with additional features like a new Tag column that allows you to select specific Contacts to Email, Create Envelopes or Labels for, and Export as a list.

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