ProCloud v525 Release Notes 5.9.17

Modified on: 2017-09-26 13:42:57 -0400

  • Check Book and Credit Card Reconciliation

    • Sort and search each grid column – Find a Check Number, Date, Amount or Payee by simply clicking into that column to sort and typing for what you are looking for.

    • Sum selected checks and deposits - Tag Checks and Deposits to see their sum, then clear them together. Also, use the Sum column to combine deposits into one deposit slip.

    • Combine and split deposit slips (also, edit entire deposit slip dates and numbers)

    • Suppress checks and deposits marked for cleared – All entries marked for Clear can be suppressed so only the remaining uncleared entries appear.

    • See check and deposit details quickly by selecting

    • Click to go directly to the entry highlighted by selecting
    • See totals and balances at a glance for real-time reconciliation

To learn more, click here.

  • Highlight color on Reports

    • You can now change the highlight color of the alternate rows on Reports. The default color has been changed from yellow to a more pleasing light grey; however, you may change this to any color you wish. To learn how to change this color, click here. (darker colors are not recommended)


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