Design Manager 2000 to Pro 6.0 Data Conversion Considerations and Instructions (Pro 6)

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Please Read Carefully!

Note about software modifications:


Any modifications that were custom programmed for your Design Manager 2000 whether done by Franklin-Potter Associates or done by third party will not convert. Any features that are part of modifications done in Design Manager 2000 and are now included in Pro 6.0 may be implemented differently and any associated data will not convert. In order to convert modifications, custom programming will need to be done to the Pro 6.0 software and to the data conversion software at an additional charge. If you have any questions please call (215) 345-0844 for assistance.


The following is a list of issues when converting Design Manager 2000 to Pro 6.0…


  • Keep the Design Manager 2000 software on-line. The Design Manager 2000 software will run on the same computers with Pro 6.0. You should keep the Design Manager 2000 software available for archive purposes only. Once you convert your data and switch to Pro 6.0, make sure that no one enters any new information into Design Manager 2000.
  • Password rights information will not be converted. All users will have full access to Pro 6.0 after the conversion, therefore, password access rights will have to be reset in Pro 6.0 after the conversion.

  • New accounts for Inventory, Work in Process, and Finance Charges will be added to the chart of accounts during the conversion. After the conversion is complete, the chart of accounts and the financial statement layouts will need to be reviewed.

Data Conversion Instructions

In order to run the data conversion, you must first install the new software:

  1. Place Design Manager Install CD into computer’s drive. Please refer to the Design Manager Manual for Installation Instructions.

  2. Once the software is installed correctly, enter your Product Code from the back of the CD when prompted. (If not prompted, click the DM Pro6 Icon, you should be asked for the Product Code).

  3. Once in Design Manager Pro 6.0 you need to do a Live Update.

  4. First be sure you have an open internet connection and be sure no one else is in this Design Manager software. Then go to File and choose Live Update.

  5. Follow the Prompts for the Update. You can, but should not need to do a Backup because there shouldn’t be any data in this version of the software. When asked where you would like to get the update from, you will choose The Internet. (If the Live Update can not be completed because of a Firewall problem, please contact Design Manager Technical Support @ or call (215) 345-0844 and ask for it on CD.)

  6. Once Update is complete you should Exit Design Manager to begin the conversion.

The data conversion can be run at any time after the program has been installed and updated.

  1. Place the Design Manager Install CD back into the CD drive. The CD will start automatically.

  2. When the menu appears, choose the second option, “Data Conversion.”

  3. Follow the instructions carefully for running the data conversion.

    * If the CD does not start automatically, click on the Start button in the lower left corner of your desktop. Choose Run, type d:\setup into the Open box, and click OK (in place of “d” you may substitute the letter of your CD drive).

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