Pro 5.0 to Pro 6.0 Data Conversion Considerations and Instructions (Pro 6)

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Please Read Carefully!

Note about software modifications:


Any modifications that were custom programmed for your Pro 5.0 whether done by Franklin-Potter Associates or done by third party will not convert. Any features that are part of modifications done in Pro 5.0 and are now included in Pro 6.0 may be implemented differently and any associated data will not convert. In order to convert modifications custom programming will need to be done to the Pro 6.0 software and to the data conversion software at an additional charge. If you have any questions please call (215) 345-0844 for assistance.


The Data Conversion Instructions are at the end of this document


The following is a list of issues when converting non-modified Pro 5.0 to Pro 6.0…


  • Keep the Pro 5.0 software on-line. The Pro 5.0 software will run on the same computers with Pro 6.0. You should keep the Pro 5.0 software available for archive purposes only. Once you convert your data and switch to Pro 6.0, make sure that no one enters any new information into Pro 5.0.
  • An effort should be made to balance your books before converting to Pro 6.0. At minimum, make sure that the current trial balance in Pro 5.0 is in balance before converting. If missing or destroyed data is encountered during the conversion, a reconstruction will be placed into Pro 6.0 in the form of Journal Entries. The goal of these entries is to make the trial balance in Pro 6.0 match the trial balance from Pro 5.0 despite data corruptions that may have occurred over the years.
  • Make sure that all entries on every user’s posting lists are posted before converting as they will not be transferred. For example, if you entered a batch of client invoices in Pro 5.0, make sure that all of the invoices are printed and accepted before converting. This applies to client invoices, cash receipts, vendor invoices, journal entries, and time entries.
  • User account and password information will not be converted. Passwords and access rights will have to be re-defined in Pro 6.0 after the conversion. All general ledger transactions that are converted from Pro 5.0 will appear under the Administrator user and will appear “keyed on” the date that the conversion was run.

    The next check number for each cash account will need to be reset to the next check number loaded into the printer for the first time checks are printed in Pro 6.0 after the conversion.

    Financial statement layouts will not convert. They will have to be re-done in Pro 6.0.

  • Taxable defaults need to be set for each tax code and the markup tax % may need to be added in place of the installation or labor types, if used. The conversion only brings over freight and design fee tax percents from Pro 5.0. All sales tax codes should be reviewed immediately after the conversion.

  • No item arrangements will convert to Pro 6.0. The re-print of invoices and proposals that were done in Pro 5.0 will print in location plus item number order when re-printed in Pro 6.0. Proposals can be edited and the arrangement changed in Pro 6.0 after the conversion. By keeping Pro 5.0 on-line you can return to that software to re-print old proposals or invoices.

  • A new feature in Pro 6.0 is that sales tax is moved to the component level and that line items are automatically created for point-of-sale invoices and finance charges. Therefore, items in projects converted from Pro 5.0 may not tie to total sales, total sales tax, etc. in the G/L or transaction history like a new project created solely in Pro 6.0 would.

  • A new feature in Pro 6.0 is a sort by name that is associated with all address records. This allows a name such as “Mr. John Smith” to be sorted as “Smith, John (Mr.)” All address record’s sort by fields will be converted set to company, which is an exact duplication of the name (i.e. “Mr. John Smith” will convert as “Mr. John Smith” and “ABC Manufacturing” will convert as “ABC Manufacturing.”) Addresses can be edited and the sort changed in Pro 6.0 after the conversion.

  • Client invoices from Pro 5.0 cannot be reversed (voided, credited) in Pro 6.0. Manual credit invoices will have to be done in Pro 6.0- inventory and WIP may have to be adjusted manually. Costs will not return to WIP when doing a manual credit invoice in Pro 6.0.

  • Pro 6.0 will print the stock number on the point-of-sale invoices. Stock numbers, however, will not print on the any re-printed point-of-sale invoices that were converted from Pro 5.0.

  • Any Appointments / To-do-lists will not convert to Pro 6.0. This is because password and user information cannot be converted.

  • Client invoices that were credited or reversed in Pro 5.0 will not convert even if the original invoice and the reversal were in different fiscal months.

  • Client deposits that were entered into Pro 5.0 using the “All” designation instead of the actual proposal number will convert as a retainer. This may also throw off the amounts distributed to each item. Make sure that the deposit/retainer figure is correct before accepting client invoices (it can be adjusted manually using the retainer box).

  • Journal entries convert as one individual one-sided entry for each account in the journal entry (each one-sided entry when added to its related entries should balance). Journal entries done in Pro 5.0 cannot be voided in Pro 6.0.

  • All POs will be closed according to whether a vendor invoice has been entered for them. If this differs from the way the company operates, the setting can be changed in the Company Information in Pro 6.0 after the conversion is run. Any PO’s that were closed by the conversion and should be opened or open and should be closed can have their status edited in Pro 6.0. Note: In Pro 5.0 POs were never really closed, rather this was calculated when generating the open PO report. In Pro 6.0 POs are closed (and re-opened) automatically according to the setting defined in the company information unless closed manually.

  • Any pending POs in the faxing system should be sent before the conversion. No pending PO faxes, sent PO faxes, or PO faxing logs will be converted.

  • Any inventory stock numbers in Pro 5.0 that can be interpreted as a number between 1 and 9999999 will be converted with the letter “A” appended to the end of the stock number. This is to avoid conflict with the bar code numbers that are assigned for use by the inventory labels, the point of sale system, and the remote data collection system.

  • Pro 6.0 records the exact project, item, and component that an inventory item is committed to in the inventory history. This data was not captured in Pro 5.0; therefore, it will not show up on some windows or reports for converted records in Pro 6.0.

  • There are many new pieces of information collected by Pro 6.0 concerning an inventory PO. These include vendor invoice, deposit, receiving, back order, special instructions, cost information, and etc. This information will not be shown for converted inventory POs in Pro 6.0. All inventory POs that are closed in Pro 5.0 will be marked closed as of the date of the conversion in Pro 6.0.

     Vendor invoices for inventory POs will be converted as operating expenses. Adjustments made to the inventory by these invoices will show as type “Adj” instead of the new “VInv” type in the stock item’s transaction history. Certain inventory reports in Pro 6.0 that normally show vendor invoice information will not show any vendor invoice information if the invoice was processed in Pro 5.0
  • The freight billing method will be set to automatic for each project converted to Pro 6.0. This bills the client the higher of the estimated or actual freight price.
  • A new feature of Pro 6.0 is that manager codes assigned to projects come out of the employee glossary. When projects are converted from 5.0 to 6.0, an employee record (with no name and address) will be created in Pro 6.0 for each unique manager initials found in the project file from Pro 5.0. These manager/employee codes can be edited in Pro 6.0 after the conversion.
  • A new feature in Pro 6.0 is a delivery ticket system that allows re-printing and editing of delivery tickets along with delivery quantities and shipped quantities. Since Pro 5.0’s system was not this robust, one delivery ticket will be created to hold all of items delivered-to-date for each project converted from Pro 5.0. The delivery date will be record as the date of the conversion in Pro 6.0.
  • When editing a vendor invoice that was converted from Pro 5.0 and adding an amount in one of the new type fields (i.e. labor, installation) the amount will be posted to the default merchandise cost of goods (COGS) account. This is because Pro 5.0 did not have COGS accounts for labor, installation, etc.
  • Any expense that had a misc. project related items associated with it and was entered under Pro 5.0 cannot be voided or edited in Pro 6.0. They will also not show on the work in process report or in the profit analysis actual cost columns in Pro 6.0.
  • The misc. project expenses listing report will not show items converted from Pro 5.0 when printed in Pro 6.0. Pro 5.0 did not have such a report.
  • All one-time vendors should be paid before converting. If they are not, the vendor code must be created manually in the Pro 6.0 vendor file after the conversion.
  • Only the freight cost is converted from Pro 5.0 to Pro 6.0 for catalog items. The total freight price of the catalog item will be the same as the total cost. If freight markup is require for catalog items, the items will have to be edited after the conversion to Pro 6.0.
  • If you have the optional data collection module, no data collection loads or physical counts will convert. Check in all loads and finish the physical count (if one is in progress) before converting.

    If you have the optional SIF module, your default SIF transfer options will not convert. They will have to be reset in Pro 6.0 after the conversion.

Data Conversion Instructions

In order to run the data conversion, you must first Install the new software:

  1. Place Design Manager Install CD into computer’s drive. Please refer to the Design Manager Manual for Installation Instructions.

  2. Once the software is installed correctly, enter your Product Code from the back of the CD when prompted. (If not prompted, click on the Design Manager Icon and then you should be asked for the Product Code).

  3. Once in Design Manager Pro 6.0 you need to do a Live Update.

  4. First be sure you have an open internet connection. Then go to File and choose Live Update.

  5. Follow the Prompts for the Update. You can, but should not need to do a Backup because there shouldn’t be any data in this version of the software. When asked where you would like to get the update from, you will choose The Internet. (If the Live Update can not be completed because of a Firewall problem, please contact Design Manager Technical Support @ or call (215) 345-0844 and ask for it on CD.)

  6. Once Update is complete you should Exit Design Manager to begin the conversion.

The data conversion can be run at any time after the program has been installed and updated.

  1. Place the Design Manager Install CD back into the CD drive. The CD will start automatically.

  2. When the menu appears, choose the second option, “Data Conversion.”

  3. Follow the instructions carefully for running the data conversion.

    If the CD does not start automatically, click on the Start button in the lower left corner of your desktop. Choose Run, type d:\setup into the Open box, and click OK (in place of “d” you may substitute the letter of your CD drive).

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