Pro Cloud v528 Release Notes 9.27.17

Modified on: 2017-09-26 13:57:56 -0400

Vendor Mark-Up/Discount/Fee Percentage

Now you can set pricing based on Vendor specific markups and discounts.  The Vendor Defaults window has a new section where you can enter these percentages.  There are options to use this pricing instead of company and project defaults and instead of inventory pricing defaults.

Delivery Ticket Remarks

We have added a default Company & Project Delivery Ticket Remarks section.  These will automatically apply to new Delivery Tickets created for the Projects that include these new Remarks. To enter your Delivery Ticket Remarks see the Company & Project Advanced – PO/WO tabs.

Time Invoices can now suppress the Employee

A Company option has been added to hide the Names of the Employees that have completed the Time Billing entered into a Project. The document will show all other Time Details (if selected) except the Employee completing the work.

Example of a Modern Invoice showing Time Details without the Employee:

Design Manager Vision pane receives a new Help Center.

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  • Find How-To Videos and Webinars on our You Tube page and Review other Resources, such as Manuals and Downloads.
  • Have a support question? Select Contact Support to request help.

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